About dhyanaashram

Dhyana Ashram - Temple Of Self Knowledge, which is situated in Kulim, Kedah, was founded and established by Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. Dhyana Ashram stands as the centre to spread the precious spiritual values of the vedic scriptures to people who are in search of peace and harmony. The ashram was established by Swami to serve as a teaching institute as well as a retreat center. The ashram's sole aim is to cultivate awareness of the Vedantic philosophy among the community. In brief, it means to promote the knowledge of the Vedic scriptures to the people in a simplified form and understood by the common man. This knowledge is to make man understand his true nature, thus molding and shaping him to lead a peaceful and complete life. Spiritual knowledge and proper guidance are essential to counter any negative influence in order to result in a well-poised and harmonious person, so that he is better prepared to face the frenetic pace of the competitive world. Dhyana Ashram efforts are to serve these purposes.The gurukula is supported entirely by donations from those who value its purpose. Many programmes are conducted in the gurukula. The programs include daily poojas, mantra chanting, Upanishad classes, weekly homas, and yuva camps. Besides that sangeetham, dance, and musical instrument classes are also held to promote fine arts.