Dhyana Ashram, Temple of Self Knowledge

Dhyana Ashram, Temple of self Knowledge is a non-profitable organisation where all programs are managed by the ashram on voluntary basis and donations. Guest and visitors are always welcome to make reasonable contributions for the smooth functioning of the ashram.

Devotees and students who are interested in self knowledge- Vedanta, and who plan to visit the Ashram are always welcome. Devotees who intend to come in a group please call and inform Dhyana Ashram of your plans, so that the necessary arrangements can be made. To meet Swami please call the ashram and arrange for an appointment.

Contact Us

Email us at info@dhyanaashram.org. We welcome, your questions on Ashram activities and comments.

tel: 04 4843013

– If you would like to volunteer your time and resources, please get in touch with us.