Thaipusam – 1st Feb 2007

Dhyana Ashram will be opening a book stall for Thaipusam in Penang, where all Dhyana Ashram’s publication will be on sale. Book stall will be open on the 31st of January till 1st of February.


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Dhyana Ashram

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Dhyana Ashram – 16th Annual Spiritual Festival

Homam done during the 4 day festival – First day

Isai Kadambam -Local Talents

Swami enjoying the presentation of local talents

Felicitation ceremony to Mr Mrs Rukumani Krishasami

Isai Kasambam – Local Talents

Abishekam for Jnaneswari Devi at the last day of Festival.

Food Fair

Dance performance

End of Dhyana Ashram Annual Spiritual Festival 2006 – Hari Om